Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unhealthy Choices

An area in life where people choose to make unhealthy choices is the moment they try drugs. This is very common in our generation and there are so many drugs out there that you may never know what may be in someones system. I believe there are many reasons why someone decides to take drugs. It may be to relieve stress, to fit in with peers, to escape problems and etc. Sometimes the situations we endure during life causes us to resort to relieving the stress. I don't exactly know the right advice I would give someone because it would seem to be hard to reason with them. I may not know the situation they are in so therefore they might not want to hear my advice. However, I would do my best to be there for them. If they needed someone to talk to or just someone to listen to them then I would be there. There's really no right advice you can give someone unless you have took a walk in their shoes.  

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